The Heart-Centred Design Canvas

An adaptation of the business model canvas

The Heart-Centred Design Canvas is typically completed after a series of activities and spiritually-grounded aspirations to help achieve clarity on deep inner purpose, values and intentions when embarking on a new creative or entrepreneurial journey. This canvas is based on the popular Business Model Canvas tool developed by Strategyzer and is an adaptation of similar methodologies including the Lean Canvas often used by startups to prototype and iterate design ideas. 

The 5-Week Program helps participants to develop their own Heart-Centered Design Canvas to imagine, test and refine their own spiritually-aligned professional aspirations.

Downloadable Template

The Heart-Centred Design Canvas considers spiritual growth and holistic success by reimagining the Business Model canvas. Through incorporating Heart-Centered Design principles and personal aspirations into the earliest foundations of the concept, offering & team culture.
Image of the Heart-Centered Design Canvas

The Heart-Centred Design Canvas Reimagined

The Heart-Centred Design Canvas goes through the following: Communities Served, Unique Experiences Offered, Transformation Facilitated, Connections & Interaction, Key Activities, Key Resources, Values & Guidance, Personal Intentions, and Financial Sustainability
Image of the heart-centered design canvas in white


Applying the Heart-Centred Design Canvas to real life

From two of our Alumni, who upon completion of the course have successfully launched their businesses, the canvas they created helped guide and elevate their business through a heart-centered lens. by Rehan

Rehan completed the program in 2020 and has since launched his company  His company has good traction, real users and has received great feedback from his community.

He was very specific with his Heart-Centred Design Canvas and provided lots of information. The more specific you can be with your Heart-Centred Design Canvas the better as your business becomes clearer. His transformation that delivered the unique experiences showed his beautiful intention for his community. It helped carry the value throughout his business. Rehan's canvas is a very good example of how the Heart-Centred Design Canvas can be used to bring value to your business and your community. 

His Heart-Centred Design Canvas was more specific in the community reach and really helped him to enrich his business with spiritual meaning. 

Bake Build Workshop by Yasmin

Alumni Yasmin's created her business @bakebuildworkshop through the Heart of Design using the Heart-Centred Design Canvas by focusing on Family and friends, connecting and making memories. During COVID, she was able to host virtual classes for families.

Her Heart-Centred Design Canvas was the foundation of her business that guided her values.

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The Heart-Centered Design Canvas is an example of several tools and processes introduced in the program. For the full experience and a detailed explanation of how best to use the tools, including interactive and personalised feedback of your own Heart-Centred Design canvas, please consider enrolling into our next program.